Virus/Malware Removal
Fantastic resource containing removal instructions for all sorts of malware. There’s even a helpful community that will help you remove the more stubborn malware you might encounter. It includes an extremely helpful downloads section as well, providing all sorts of free malware-removal tools.
Using a forum-style approach, MalwareTips is a good place to get help removing malware and browing helpful guides. Not as robust as BleepingComputer, but I’ve found it to be an indispensable resource.
Upload a file to have it scanned for viruses. It scans the file with dozens of different antiviruses, showing you the results of each one. Handy if there’s a file on your computer that you’re not quite sure is safe.

Security Blogs

Krebs On Security
Brian Krebs is an investigative journalist and security expert. He infiltrates hacker circles through the internet to get the latest on what’s going down in the cyber criminal world. Very interesting articles and plenty of helpful advice.

Sophos Naked Security
One of my regular stops. The Naked Security blog posts news, advice and opinions that everyone can find useful. Winner of the Grand Prix Prize for the Best Overall Security Blog in the EU Security Blogger Awards.

Bruce Schneier’s blog
Bruce Schneier is a cryptologist, security expert and author who covers some security news as well as providing very insightful essays that shed a lot of understanding on current happenings.

Security Guides

CertStaff List of Guides
Great list of guides in a wide variety of topics, but with a strong focus on child safety. Worth perusing if you’re interested in keeping your family safe online.

Security Podcasts

Security Now
A weekly podcast with security expert Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte of TWIT, available in video or just audio. Highly recommended if you’re interested in devoting an hour and a half per week to hearing the latest security news and in-depth explanations of computer and security concepts. A fun listen, as well.

Security Tools

Gibson Research Corporation
Steve Gibson is a respected security expert and talented programmer among many other things. He has dozens of tools on his site to help you find vulnerabilities in your computer, router, passwords, etc. Highly recommended resource for your own at-home or business security testing and research.

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