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Safety Tip

You should lie on the internet.

Yes, you heard me right. You know when you’re filling out a form online and it asks you for Granny’s maiden name? Or the street you grew up on? Or your high school mascot? Well you should lie about it. Make one up. Just make sure it’s one that you’ll remember, or else write it down and make sure you don’t lose it.

For someone who’s determined, it’s trivial to find out those details about you. That makes those security questions not so secure. Their purpose is simply to verify who you are when you lose a password or something. So as long as you give the answer you typed in the first time, that’s all that matters.

Of course, I suggest not forging information on legally binding forms. That’s just a bad idea.

New Security Guide

How To Stay Safe From Snooping Governments

It’s not conspiracy theory anymore: we live in a surveillance state. The latest bout of evidence shows that our own governments have been snooping on our internet activities for years. It doesn’t matter who you are. They like watching you.

But never fear. There are plenty of internet services out there that take your privacy seriously. Find out which ones they are in this new article. Copy and paste the address below:

How To Thumb Your Nose at Big Brother – Finding the Most Private Services on the Internet

Important News

The bad guys want to do your taxes for you.

Tax fraud is on the rise. Billions of dollars are paid out by the IRS to identity thieves every year. Do your taxes before the bad guys do. Find out more here:

REMEMBER: I recommend that you never click on links, buttons, or pictures in email, even if you recognize where it’s from. Bad guys who send phishing emails can “cloak” the true destination of the links, tricking you into going to their own harmful websites. I don’t like to encourage email link-clicking which is why I provide full web addresses so you can copy and paste them into your browser. That way you always know exactly what address you’re going to.

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