New Security Features in Internet Explorer 11

9 Dec, 2013 No Comments Bobby Software Security

Microsoft’s newest version of their browser, IE11, is now released. Previously, I recommended that users upgrade to IE version 10, as it was the most secure version to date. Does IE11 further increase user security? Read on to find out. New IE11 Security Features There are no significant advances in

Is Java Secure? What is Java and How Can I Use it Safely?

29 Jul, 2013 No Comments Bobby Software Security

Most everyone has Java installed on their computers whether they realize it or not. Is this good or bad? Java has a long reputation for poor security, so let’s explore why, and what we can do to stay safe. What Is Java? In addition to being a wonderfully tasty beverage,

How To Keep Your Programs Updated and Why You Should

8 Jul, 2013 No Comments Bobby Software Security

Programs are leaky. Much like boats. Given enough time, all boats get leaks and need patched up. So do programs. They all have vulnerabilities that could give bad guys a way to gain access to your system. It’s just a matter of time until those holes are discovered. A typical

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