What to Do Before Taking Your Computer to the Repair Shop

29 May, 2016 No Comments Bobby Data Security

The shop where I work has a strict policy of data preservation and privacy for our customers. Any good computer repair shop will. Nevertheless, there are some safety precautions you should take. Backup your data Usually there is no threat to your data when taking it into the shop. In

Why Antivirus Isn’t as Effective as You Think

15 May, 2016 No Comments Bobby Virus Security

From the way antivirus companies talk in their sales copy, you would think their products are to internet safety what Superman is to petty crime. But their claims tend to be exaggerated and that leads to some problems, namely a false sense of security for their customers. Most people use

Password Security: Habits and Best Practices

26 Jul, 2015 No Comments Bobby Internet Security

This is not a guide for password creation, but for how to manage your passwords securely. Because if you don’t manage them well, it doesn’t matter how strong they are. Superman himself can create your passwords but that means nothing if they fall into the wrong hands. Don’t give out

Is It Okay to Write Down My Passwords? How To Do It Right

13 Jul, 2015 No Comments Bobby Internet Security

This week I was helping one of our clients with a website that wasn’t loading correctly. “Can you log in for me?” I asked, knowing exactly what would happen next. Sure enough, she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a notebook chock full of usernames and passwords. This is

Habits and Best Practices for Physical Security

27 Apr, 2015 No Comments Bobby Data Security

Most of us don’t typically consider physical security a part of computer security. But it’s just as important to securing your data as anything else. Here are a few tips to consider. Shred important documents Don’t throw sensitive information in the garbage. Out of sight does not mean out of

Windows XP is Abandoned – The End of an Age

8 Apr, 2014 No Comments Bobby Computer Security

Windows 3.1 was my first crush. Windows 95 was a fling. Windows 98 and I, we fooled around a little. Windows ME was a tease. But Windows XP? She was my first love. And now she’s leaving. You may have heard already, but this is officially the last day of

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