There are two things I hear often in my work in IT. The first is, “I didn’t do it! I don’t know how it happened…” The second is, “Am I secure?”

I often have clients who drill me for advice on locking down their digital life. In my search for resources to help these people, I’ve been left unsuccessful in finding content that is presented in a relevant and helpful manner.

I’ve found that the majority of How-To’s out there require a level of tech savvy that the average user doesn’t have. And to make matters worse, most guides are incomplete, rarely addressing anything beyond choosing an antivirus and improving clicking habits.

TipTopSecurity is my answer to this problem. My guides are thorough, informative, and designed for the least common denominator. You shouldn’t have to be a giant computer nerd like me to be safe.


I’ve done IT support for corporations, small businesses, home users, and the military. Currently I’m putting those skills to work for a private liberal arts university.

While earning my BAS in Computer Networking, my class participated in a pilot program that gave us some hands-on experience in the fields of digital forensics and ethical hacking. I’ve been hooked since.

My years in the IT field have been the best educator, however. It’s given me a chance to witness and learn from real-world security breaches of all kinds.

Also, I like playing guitar, eating mangos, playing inventive computer games, riding motorcycles, and getting my hair cut in old-fashioned barber shops.

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